Description & Technical information

The colour and patination on this table are outstanding, and it stands out from the general design of Irish tables. The carving is of special interest because it is an Irish interpretation of a design by Matthias Lock, published in 1746. The fluid execution and lightness of appearance show that the carver understood the new rococo style which was only just emerging when the table was made.
The table follows Lock’s design, although in a simplified form, and it is apparent that the carver or designer of this table must have been familiar with Lock’s publication.

Date:  1755
Period:  George II
Origin:  Irish
Medium: Mahogany
Dimensions: 91.5 x 170 x 64 cm (36 x 66⁷/₈ x 25¹/₄ inches)
Provenance: Private collection, USA.
Literature: Matthias Lock, Six Tables, 1746, pl. 3.
The Knight of Glin and James Peill, Irish Furniture: Woodwork and Carving in Ireland from the Earliest Times to the Act of Union, 2007, pp. 79-87.
Categories: Furniture