Description & Technical information

A gilt chatelaine of dressmaker with a hook and four chains made of small rectangular plates finely chased with flowers and acorns on an amati background and hinged together. On one of these chains hangs an acorn-shaped thimble finely chased with leaves and roses. On the other chain, a cylindrical needle case with the same decoration of leaves and roses. Finally, on the two central chains, hangs a long twisted vermeil chain, at the end of which hangs a pair of scissors chased with floral motifs and its case. The blades are made of polished steel.
The chatelaine, or crew, was worn on the belt, under the chest. The long chain could be left free or wrapped around the belt. This type of chatelaine was frequently given to the bride.
Total length: 22.83in. (58 cm).
L: scissors: 4.72in. (12cm)
L: needle case: 3.14.(8cm)
L:  thimble case: 1.77in. (4.5 cm).
Gold thimble marked with the 1st cock. 1809-1819
Weight: 4.23 oz (120g).
Restauration period. Circa 1815-1820.
Price: 3200€
REF: 8205

Period:  Early 19th century
Medium: Silver gilt
Dimensions: 58 cm (22⁷/₈ inches)
Categories: Works of Art