Description & Technical information

Gold snuffbox of rectangular shape with rounded sides presented in its leather case. Slightly curved, it can be slipped into a pocket. The box is entirely decorated with finely guilloché panels framed by a frieze of scrolls and burnished palmettes on a gold background. The frame and the bottom are decorated with the same geometric patterns. Fine palmettes adorn the corners.
Period: First Empire. Circa 1800.
Dimensions: L:3.66in. (9,3 cm) ; l: 1.77in. (4,5 cm); H: 0.66in. (1,7cm)
Weight: 3.59oz (102g).
Gold Marks:
Title:Rooster 3rd title 1798-1809
Guarantee: Man's head 85 1798-1809
Master silversmith: AAH for Heguin auguste-andré. Inscribed in 1785.
First Empire. Circa 1800.
Price: 12800€.

Period:  Early 19th century
Medium: gold
Dimensions: 9.3 x 4.5 x 1.7 cm (3⁵/₈ x 1³/₄ x 0⁵/₈ inches)
Categories: Jewellery