Description & Technical information

This work is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity from Mr Claude Picasso.

This work is connected to the American photojournalist David Douglas Duncan (1916 – 2018) who was known for his photographs of Pablo Picasso and his wife Jacqueline. He became a close friend of Picasso and was the only person allowed to photograph many of the artist's private paintings. Duncan published seven books of photographs of Picasso including "Le Petit monde de Pablo Picasso" (The Private World of Pablo Picasso) which was the very first publication in 1958. As a token of friendship and trust, Picasso illustrated here the front cover and signed it making it a very personal and touching piece of history.

Dedicated upper centre, Pour Madame de Sarriac son ami Picasso

Origin:  BRAFA
Medium: Indian ink
Signature: Signed upper right, Picasso

Dimensions: 28 x 43 cm (11 x 16⁷/₈ inches)
Provenance: Madame de Sarriac, France
Categories: Paintings, Drawings & Prints