Description & Technical information

Note: The feet have been tipped to reinstate the table’s original height.
Gillows had access to the best timber and veneers. The company imported their own materials, which kept the quality up and the price as low as possible. 
The exceptional figure of the satinwood in the frieze demonstrates perfectly why the timber is called satinwood. The contrasting ripples of colour in the frieze are caused by the tree’s alternating direction of growth, rotating anticlockwise one year and clockwise the next. As a result, what appears light seen from the left will appear dark seen from the right, so that as one passes the table the figure seems to shimmer like satin in a light breeze.

Date:  c.1815
Period:  Regency
Origin:  English
Medium: Satinwood
Dimensions: 86 x 181 x 50.5 cm (33⁷/₈ x 71¹/₄ x 19⁷/₈ inches)
Categories: Furniture