Description & Technical information

A beautiful deep white-paste dish with an everted rim and ring foot, painted over a white slip under a transparent glaze in cobalt blue, green, and brick red. The centre is filled with a composition of seven bouquets of four flowers each, two blue and two orange, sitting in orange vases. Small flowers emerge from the sides of the inner rim. A border of wave motifs in blue encircles the rim. Between the bouquets the çintamani pattern – a cluster of three roundels – appears across the dish. The underside of the base is decorated with an alternating pattern of blue flowers and three blue flower buds.  

Other examples of 16th century Iznik dishes with this bouquets in vases motif can be seen in:
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Stock no.: A5448

Date:  1565-1575
Period:  1565-1575
Origin:  Ottoman Turkey
Medium: Ceramic decorated with underglaze polychrome
Dimensions: 30 cm (11³/₄ inches)