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Rectangular box in gold and blue enamel. The hinged lid is decorated at its center with an oval medallion which features the letter Ferdinand Philippe Louis, Duke of Orleans and surmounted by a royal crown in blue enamel with an amati background in frames of garlands and staples of foliage. This type of snuffbox was offered by a member of the Royal Family as a present. The Duke of Orleans, Ferdinand Philippe Louis (1810-1842), eldest son of King Louis-Philippe the First made a brilliant military career before tragically dying on July 13, 1842 in Neuilly-sur-Seine. "Poor Prince, what a dream in his last moments !" Musset.
Gold hallmarks. 18k gold.
Mark: 1819-1838 Taurus
Title: Sardanapale 1819-1838
Period: Restauration.
Dim: L: 3.3 in. (8.6 cm) / l: 2.3 in. (6 cm) / H: 0.74in. (1.9 cm)
Weight: 5.24oz (148,70g).
Price: 25000 Euros
Ref: 6094

Period:  Mid-19th century
Medium: gold
Categories: Jewellery