Description & Technical information

Large and exceptional rectangular snuffbox in gold, featuring an oval portrait of a woman on ivory. The hinged lid is decorated with a half-length portrait of a woman on a gray background wearing a white, empire-waist gown and a red wrap embellished with a thin stripe. The woman is also wearing a coral parure set of a bandeau, earrings, and a necklace. The portrait is framed with intricately sculpted rinceaux on a matte gold background. The body of the box is embellished with four checkerboard panels framed in rinceaux friezes on a matte gold background. These same motifs of checkerboard and rinceaux also appear on the corners and base of the snuffbox. Miniature signed: J.A. Boichard.
Report condition: Good condition. A spot on the grey background of the ivory.
Dimension: Height: 0.8 in  / Length: 3.2 in depth: 2.36 in
Weight: 5.7 oz
Gold marks: Rooster and Lion head (1809-1819)
Master Goldsmith: Nicolas Huguet, Paris. With 2 stars.  (1787-1799) 24 Quai des orfèvres Paris
Early 19th century work, circa 1809-1819.
Miniaturist: J.A. (Joseph Alphonse) Boichard, a student of Vincent, the painter. He displayed his miniatures regularly at the Salon de Paris from 1804 to 1819.
Price: 22000 Euros
Ref: 4907

Date:  circa 1809-1819
Period:  Early 19th century
Medium: gold
Categories: Jewellery