Description & Technical information

Isfahan has almost a legendary reputation about carpet weaving since the reign of the Safavid emperors. The city itself was an extraordinary achievement of architecture and deeply impressed all foreigne visitors. During two centuries the most prestigious carpets were produced. They are now mostly in museums.
But in 1722 an Afghan invasion destroyed not only part of the buildings, but carpet workshops stopped their work. There was no production during a bit less than two hundred years. Only at the very end of the 19th century, weavers started making carpets. Till today, Isfahan has a name it owes to fine craftsmen.

Period:  Mid 20th century
Medium: warp and weft: cotton, pile: wool
Dimensions: 426 x 305 cm (167⁷/₁₀ x 120¹/₁₀ inches)
Categories: Textiles