Description & Technical information

Ushak has a solid reputation as a carpet weaving city with roots going back to the 16th century. Well located, close to Smyrna, one of the most important commercial areas near the Mediterranean, it developed workshops producing outstanding qualities which could compete with famous Persian productions. Colours and designs pleased the western painters, and Italian, German and Flemish artists: Holbein, Lotto, Memlinc,… depict several classical Ushak carpets in their works. The tradition went on till the late 19th century. The goods were mostly exported from Smyrna harbour (now Izmir) and European buyers erroneously thought that the goods were woven in this city. For a long time Ushak rugs bore the name of Smyrna. (The same confusion occurred in Samarkand and Bukhara).

Period:  around 1880, around 1900
Medium: warp and weft: wool, pile: wool
Dimensions: 598 x 403 cm (235²/₅ x 158⁷/₁₀ inches)