Description & Technical information

Hallmarks: two eagle heads / P for Paris 1778
Weight: 99 gr.

Rectangular gold case with hinged lid. On each side, two miniatures set in oval glass depict a fishing trip in an idyllic setting. Above, on the lid, the words SOUVENIR and AMITIE stand out in a plume of dried flowers. The reserves surrounded by a chased gold belt are applied to a violet enamel background. The sides, base and lid of the case are highlighted with coloured mother-of-pearl plaques alternating with yellow gold flower motifs. Push-button clasp, gold-tipped pencil.
Price: 7800€

Period:  XVIII century
Medium: Gold and enamel
Dimensions: 8.2 x 5.4 cm (3¹/₄ x 2¹/₈ inches)