Description & Technical information

Era: Louis XVI period.
Materials: Gold, enamel.
Dim: H: 10 cm/ W: 1 cm/ D: 0,8 cm.
Weight: 21,2 gr.
Marks: 2 owls, cow's head, Mercury's head.

A gold wax case in the shape of a truncated cone with an oval cross-section. It is entirely chased with parallel striations embellished with round pastilles. The upper part is edged with three belts of small studs alternating with very fine blue enamel lines and ends in a swirling rosette. A banner bearing the inscription "souvenir d'amitié" and two pigeons, symbols of love, complete the decoration.
The base is decorated at both ends with two studded bands. The decoration depicts a man in a red suit accompanied by a greyhound placing a crown of white pearls at the foot of a alter, while a barefoot lady dressed in green offers a lamb. Buccolic varnish-covered chinese landscape.
Price: 4800€

Period:  Late 18th century
Dimensions: 10 x 1 x 0.8 cm (3⁷/₈ x 0³/₈ x 0³/₈ inches)