Description & Technical information

Designed by: Josef Hoffmann, 1906

Executed by: Wiener Werkstätte, model no. S 698

Marked: various marks: JH, WW, Austrian hallmark - small head of Diana (A for Vienna, 2 for 900/1000), rose mark, small a (hallmark for Vienna)


Silver, pointed oval base, pierced square latticework, four with transparent glass liners; two with blue glass liners, minor signs of usage, excellent condition


Date:  1906
Period:  around 1906
Origin:  Austrian
Dimensions: 26 cm (10¹/₄ inches)

with blue glass liners; Oskar Schmidt, with transparent glass liners: private property, England, Germany


Wiener Werkstätte, vol. 11; special issue "Deutsche Kunst und Dekoration", 1910, p. 407; J. Hoffmann, exhibition catalogue MAK 1987, pp. 140, 321; Wiener Werkstätte archives at the Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna, inv. no. Go 2056/1983, model book WWMB 8, S 698