Description & Technical information

Scandinavian carpets from the Art Deco period were usually knotted with the symmetrical knot. This was the habit in the small Rya (Swedish) and traditional Ryijy (Finnish) carpets during many years. The difference with the oriental carpets, is that we find much more wefts, up to 10 shoots between every row of knots. From the back, this creates the impression of seeing a mixed technique of weaving and knotting. Generally pile was made of wool and warp and weft were made of hemp or cotton. These rugs have a quite fluffy feel. Often the looms were not very wide, that is why larger sizes are often made in two pieces and simply sewed together afterwards.

Date:  Around 1930
Period:  20th century
Origin:  Sweden
Medium: warp and weft:cellulose, pile: wool
Dimensions: 139 x 76 cm (54⁷/₁₀ x 29⁹/₁₀ inches)