Description & Technical information

Unlike most Turcs or Iranians, the Tibetans did not so much use their rugs as a floor or wall coverings, but used them as bench cover or meditation mat. The Tibetan wool is very appropriate for rugs: strong, flexible and shiny. Men or women spin the wool either on their thigh or on a spinning top.
The pile is knotted with a technique of loops winded around a rod.
Rugs for homely use were made on narrow looms without a wooden structure. Warps threads were fastened behind the weaver . Narrow stripes were produced and sewn together.

Date:  Around 1900
Period:  1850-1900, 19th century
Origin:  China, Tibet
Medium: warp and weft: wool, pile: wool, loop cut pile
Dimensions: 143 x 71 cm (56³/₁₀ x 27⁰/₁ inches)
Categories: Textiles