Description & Technical information

The artist was known as Mark Fisher and was born in Boston, U.S.A in 1841. He was of Irish parentage and he spent his youth in Boston studying at the Lowell Institute. Later, he was a pupil of George Inness at Medfield. Mark Fisher spent some time studying art in Europe, particularly in Paris under the artist de Gleyre. It is also thought that he met some of the Impressionist artists in France at this time, in particular, Monet.
When he returned to America he continued to paint in Boston but met with little success. The artist then came to England and lived in London for some years, exhibiting at the Royal Academy and else where. His paintings were highly regarded in England and his works are in the finest public and private collections. Between the years 1872 and 1904, Mark Fisher exhibited 25 paintings at the Royal Academy.

Although the artist was mainly considered as a landscape artist, Fisher was also known for his paintings of flowers and still life. These works show a great French influence in their impressionistic style and colour.

The artist died circa 1920.

Period:  1850-1900, 19th century, 20th century
Origin:  USA
Medium: Oil on canvas
Signature: Signed

Dimensions: 73 x 54.6 cm (28³/₄ x 21¹/₂ inches)
Exhibitions: Collections: The Tate Gallery, Victoria & Albert Museum
Categories: Paintings, Drawings & Prints