Description & Technical information

Qianlong period 
English Market 
A fine pair of Chinese export porcelain nodding head ladies, each bearing a vase, the robes in iron red, on square bases. The heads of these ladies are separate and have weights which extend into the hollow bodies of the figures so that when nudged the heads nod elegantly. It has been suggested that these figures are copies of German chinoiserie models, possibly after Meissen, illustrating the constant exchange of designs between the east and west in the eighteenth century. References: Howard 1994, p258, No 308, a similar pair with different colouring; Howard & Ayers 1978, p614, No 643, a similar pair which is suggested to be derived from a chinoiserie original; Williamson 1970, plate LIX, various figures; Sharpe 2002, p209, a pair of ladies with lotus candleholders but with unusual feather shoulder mantles possibly of South American influence; Cohen & Cohen 2003, No 23, a similar pair.

Date:  1745
Period:  1600-1750, 18th century
Origin:  China
Medium: porcelain
Dimensions: 31 cm (12¹/₄ inches)
Categories: Oriental and Asian Art