Description & Technical information

Designed by: Robert Fix, 
Executed by: Portois & Fix, 

Solid birch and veneer, stained and polished, carved, surface lightly refreshed with slight retouching, original - also curved - glass, excellent original condition.
The showcase is an exceptional example of the superb cabinetmaking skills of the company Portois & Fix company, which was based in Vienna and Paris.
In my opinion, this piece was conceived for the World Exhibition in Paris in 1900, where it could easily stand any comparison with the most exalted works of the most important French designers and furniture producers. Due to its exquisite execution this showcase only weighs 30 kilos.

Date:  1900
Period:  1850-1900
Origin:  Vienna
Medium: Solid birch and veneer
Signature: Marked on the key: Portois & Fix, Wien, 2692; metal plaque visible on the front lower shelf: Portois & Fix, Wien, III. Ungargasse 53, Paris, 41, B. Haussmann
On the reverse: J. H. (blue oil crayon), rubber stamp: Portois & Fix Wien, 52647, 21274, Schl. N.

Dimensions: 169.93 x 95 x 50.04 cm (66⁹/₁₀ x 37²/₅ x 19⁷/₁₀ inches)
Provenance: private collection, Vienna
Categories: Furniture