Description & Technical information

Executed by: Lötz Witwe, Klostermühle, for E. Bakalowits Söhne,
Décor: candia Silberiris 
Shape: 1902, prod. no. Com. 85/5158

A comparison with a number of surviving patterns would suggest that this vase is a model designed for Bakalowits by one of Koloman Moser’s students.

Period:  20th century
Origin:  Vienna
Medium: Candia ground, thickly applied silvery yellow powder
Dimensions: 24 cm (9¹/₂ inches)
Literature: J. Mergl/E. Ploil/H. Ricke, Lötz, Böhmisches Glas 1880–1940, Hatje Cantz Verlag 2003, p. 313 (décor); H. Ricke (Ed.), Lötz, Böhmisches Glas 1880–1940, Munich, 1989, vol. 2, p. 312 (Paper pattern)
Categories: Decorative Arts & Design