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Drawn in 2005.

Victor Koulbak has recalled that, ‘When I saw silverpoint for the first time, I was bowled over. I read that the masters used to prepare their gesso by burning chicken bones and mixing them with glue made of rabbit skins. This creates a rough surface to which the particles of silver adhere and act like microscopic mirrors reflecting the light. As the drawing progresses, the layer of silver thickens and begins to act like a mirror. It becomes increasingly difficult to gauge how far away from the drawing you’re standing. It ‘floats’ in the air, suffused with life and energy. Leonardo considered it the finest technique of all.’

As a review of a gallery exhibition of Koulbak’s drawings in New York in 2000 noted of the artist, ‘his silverpoint drawings – when seen for the first time – recall the work of Old Masters. But, on closer inspection, the muted colors, the dreamy look, all are meant to entice the viewer into the artist’s world. The works, many highlighted with watercolor, are rendered on a special type of paper prepared with ground marble dust, adding to the dreamy, otherworldly feeling...each one seems to have a tale waiting to be told. Victor Koulbak is a master.’

Date:  2005
Period:  21st century
Origin:  Russia
Medium: Silverpoint, Touches of watercolour
Dimensions: 31.8 x 25.9 cm (12¹/₂ x 10¹/₄ inches)
Provenance: W. M. Brady & Co., New York
Mark Murray, New York
Private collection, Madrid.

Exhibitions: New York, W. M. Brady & Co., Koulbak drawings, 2007
London, Stephen Ongpin Fine Art and Guy Peppiatt Fine Art, One Hundred Drawings and Watercolours, 2009-2010, no.99.
Categories: Paintings, Drawings & Prints