Description & Technical information

The sandstone stele depicting Shiva seated with Parvati together with Shiva's family (Uma Maheshvara). Both Shiva and Parvati are seated in lalitasana relaxed poses. Shiva has his arm wrapped around Parvati's chest. Parvarti is represented with her arm wrapped around Shiva's shoulder in a loving embrace. Ganesha is represented on their right side along with other members of their family represented in the sandstone stele including their two sons, deities and various attendants. See a similar depiction of Uma Maheshvara depicting Shiva's family on a 10th century sandstone stele from Haryana or Uttar Pradesh in The Los Angeles County Museum of Art, USA, Accession Number M.75.11.

Date:  10th - 11th century
Period:  Middle Ages, 10th century, 11the century
Origin:  Northern India
Medium: Sandstone
Dimensions: 51 cm (20¹/₈ inches)
Provenance: Private European Collection

Categories: Oriental and Asian Art