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This Goanese cabinet was commissioned for the Portuguese market. Most surviving examples of its kind are standing on mermaid-like figures that may correspond to snake creatures in Hindu iconography, nagas and naginis, which are considered auspicious. Luxurious cabinets such as this style reflect 17th century European taste in furniture. It is precisely this type of furniture that fuelled the trade in luxury goods between India and Europe.

Stock no.: A4330
This item contains less than 10% ivory and has been registered with Defra.

Date:  17th century
Period:  1600-1750, 17th century
Origin:  India, Goa
Dimensions: 132 x 90 x 49 cm (52 x 35³/₈ x 19¹/₄ inches)
Literature: Amin Jaffer, Luxury Goods from India: The Art of the Indian Cabinet-Maker, V&A Publications, London, 2002, p. 58-59

Categories: Furniture, Oriental and Asian Art