Description & Technical information

A North Italian Fruitwood On Ebony Microcarving Miniature Attributed to Giuseppe Maria Bonzanigo (1745-1820), depicting an Allegory of Arts and Sciences, in a circular gilt brass and ebonised wood frame. 

Date:  End 18th C, Beginning 19th Century
Period:  1750-1850, 19th century
Origin:  Italy, Turin
Medium: Fruitwood On Ebony Microcarving Miniature, Gilt-Brass, Ebonised wood frame
Signature: The reverse inscribed “Giuseppe Maria Bonzanigo nato in Asti a 6 settembre 1745 ✝1820”in black ink.

Dimensions: 5 cm (2 inches)
Provenance: Di Robilant family, Sicily.
Categories: Furniture, Works of Art