Description & Technical information

Extraordinary 17th century Indo-Portuguese writing table, decorated in an elaborate ivory and ebony pattern.
The dense decorative scheme fills in the whole of the table surfaces, taking advantage of the contrasting colours of the materials; the dark ebony inlay on the teak golden surface, doted by small ivory pegs that tint the surfaces in white.
Writing tables are characterised by the presence of two front drawers fitted with compartments to store writing paraphernalia: paper, quills, ink and sand blotters.
This table's type of decoration, of overlapping ebony and ivory circles centred by stars and dots, said diaprés, is typical of Goan furniture production and became one of its most distinctive and refined decorative patterns.

Date:  17th century
Period:  1600-1750, 17th century
Origin:  India, Goa
Medium: Ivory, Ebony, Teak, Copper, Ink wash on paper, Sissoo
Dimensions: 78.99 x 100.08 x 65.02 cm (31¹/₁₀ x 39²/₅ x 25³/₅ inches)
Provenance: Collection M.H.R.
Categories: Furniture, Oriental and Asian Art