Description & Technical information

Contrary to most furniture typologies that were manufactured in Asia for an European clientele, based on prototypes released by the Portuguese in the Orient throughout the 16th century, this model reflects an eastern, specifically Japanese origin. These rare and unusual pieces are known in Portuguese as ventó from the Japanese etymological root bento.
A rare example of this uncommon but prized type of Indo-Portuguese furniture, this cabinet is also untipically coated, on the whole of its exterior, in tortoiseshell.

Date:  Early 17th century
Period:  1600-1750, 17th century
Origin:  India, Gujarat
Medium: Teak, Ebony, Tortoiseshell, Ivory, Gold leaf, Gilded copper
Dimensions: 22.5 x 20.5 x 29.5 cm (8⁹/₁₀ x 8¹/₁₀ x 11³/₅ inches)
Provenance: Collection J.M.J.
Categories: Oriental and Asian Art