Description & Technical information

The crest is that of Scott, as bourne by George Cole Scott, (1875-1932) of Richmond, Virginia and his wife Hildreth, (1885-1970).

George Cole Scott's family came to Virginia in the 19th century from Donegall. He attended Princeton and Columbia universities, was a member of the Virginia Historical Society. He was a friend of Lord and Lady Astor. A keen sportsman, he shot in Scotland, renting Castle Forbes in the 1920's and taking the grouse shooting at Lickleyhead Castle Aberdeenshire in 1931

The inscription reads 'To my wife Hildreth, from George Cole Scott / May these candelabra / A replica of those at Lickleyhead Castle Scotland be a reminder of happy memories to which our children have added so large a share 1905-1930'.

Weight: 18,669 g, 600 oz 4 dwt

Date:  1930
Period:  20th century, George V
Origin:  England, Sheffield
Signature: Maker's mark of Thomas Bradbury & Sons
Retailed by A & J Smith of Aberdeen

Dimensions: 73.8 cm (29 inches)
Provenance: A gift from George Cole Scott,(1875-1932), to his wife Hildreth, (1885-1970), daughter of Lanier Dunn (1853-1915) and his wife Harriet (d.1936) on the occasion of their silver wedding on 27th September 1930.
Categories: Silver