Description & Technical information

Kangxi period
European market
A Chinese export porcelain teapot of ribbed globular form, decorated in famille verte enamels with tree peonies and a Chinese phoenix (fenghuang).
  This is an elegant rare form of teapot. The decoration includes the Chinese phoenix which is a mythical bird not to be confused with the very different Western phoenix that rises from the ashes, originally a middle eastern mythical bird.
    The Chinese phoenix is a composite bird with parts of a rooster, a pheasant, a peacock and a mandarin duck. It was widely used in Chinese art and represents several things, including the East (sometimes together with a tiger representing the West) and the Empress, often in conjunction with peonies, as found here.

Date:  1710
Period:  1600-1750, 18th century
Origin:  China
Medium: porcelain
Dimensions: 19 cm (7¹/₂ inches)
Categories: Oriental and Asian Art