Description & Technical information

This brass candlestick base is engraved with a band of calligraphy and medallions with geometric triangular motifs. The narrow band above the calligraphy is densely decorated with ornamental scrolling patterns. On the top there are floral motifs. The shape of the base is typical of the 14th century.
For a similar design on the base, see a candlestick in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, accession number 91.1.529.
The inscription reads as follows:
Around the body, benedictions to the owner in Arabic:
"Glory and long life and forebearance and modesty and elevation and supremacy and generosity and beneficence and victory over the enemy and divine favours eternally and ascending luck and helping destiny to its owner."
Around the shoulder, further benedictions in Arabic. Worn, suggested reading:
"Glory, long life, gratitude, beneficence / wealth, victory over the enemy, divine favours eternally, ascending luck, penetrating command, supremacy ... supremacy."

Stock no.: A2949c

Date:  14th century
Period:  Middle Ages, 14th century
Origin:  Iran
Medium: Brass
Dimensions: 17 cm (6³/₄ inches)
Categories: Oriental and Asian Art