Description & Technical information

This s-shaped steel flint striker is decorated in a refined manner with a dragon’s head, detailed engravings, and four floral motifs with silver petals and copper disks on both sides of the object. Its curved and elongated tail would have been used to start fires by striking the edge with flint to produce sparks. The object was most likely cut and forged into shape from a flat bar; the design would have then been chased and cut into the surface.[1]
[1] For technical notes on flint strikers see, Esin Atıl, W.T. Chase, & Paul Jett. 1985. Islamic Metalwork in the Freer Gallery of Art. Washington, D.C.: Freer Gallery of Art, Smithsonian Institution. p,227-28

Date:  18th/19th century
Period:  18th century, 19th century, 1750-1850
Origin:  India
Medium: Steel
Dimensions: 13 cm (5¹/₈ inches)
Categories: Oriental and Asian Art