Emerald and diamond insect brooch
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Emerald and diamond insect brooch

S.J. Phillips Ltd

Date c. 1840

Period 19th century

Medium Emerald and diamond

Dimension 4.6 x 3 cm (1³/₄ x 1¹/₈ inches)

The abdomen formed of a principal pear shaped emerald, the upper wings set with graduated emeralds, cushion cut diamonds to underwings and lower wings, central cushion diamond to thorax, a facetted emerald to each eye and diamond to hean and antennae, open collet set in silver and gold with naturalistic legs, accompanied by GCS report no. 81318-93 giving a Colombian origin opinion on the emeralds and that they show minor indications of clarity enhancement.
Weight: 11.5g

Date: c. 1840

Period: 19th century

Medium: Emerald and diamond

Dimension: 4.6 x 3 cm (1³/₄ x 1¹/₈ inches)

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