Indochinese living room in wood and mother-of-pearl
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Indochinese living room in wood and mother-of-pearl

Galerie Ouaiss Antiquités

Period Early 20th century

Medium wood and mother-of-pearl

Important Indochinese living room in wood and mother-of-pearl inlay comprising four armchairs, a bench and a coffee table. The bench and the coffee table are made of a lighter wood than the one used for the armchairs.
The table stands on four legs and is decorated with a table top that is entirely inlaid with mother-of-pearl. The maritime scene revolves around an island with a majestic tree. Multiple pagodas and characters brighten up the scene with strong Chinese inspirations in the treatment of clouds and waves. The bench has a back decorated with temples, islands and notables in inlaid mother-of-pearl. The backrest is surrounded by carved wooden dragon motifs. Two armrests in the shape of a phoenix complete this composition. The back of the bench is decorated with a fine rose and butterfly pattern. The four armchairs each have a different back decoration with Chinese-inspired pagodas, figures and animals. They are decorated with dragons and phoenixes in high relief and scattered with floral inlays and mother-of-pearl ideograms.
Through its cabinet making and the art of inlaying mother-of-pearl, this work is characteristic of Indochinese work around 1900.
The Indochinese peninsula was conquered by France at the end of the 19th century and its art was highlighted at the Universal Exhibitions in the early 20th century.
Some missing pieces.
Bench: H: 96cm; W: 123cm, L, 59 cm.
Table: H: 53cm, L: 53cm, W: 43cm
Armchair: H: 96cm, L: 63cm, W: 53cm
REF: 8241

Period: Early 20th century

Medium: wood and mother-of-pearl

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