Antique pink topaz and diamond graduated necklace
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Antique pink topaz and diamond graduated necklace

S.J. Phillips Ltd

Date c.1880

Period 19th century

Medium topaz and diamond

Dimension 46 cm (18¹/₈ inches)

The 26 oval facetted pink topaz alternating 26 old European cut diamonds, open cut-down collet set, the topaz in yellow gold, the diamonds of approximately 6.50cts in silver and gold backed, the largest topaz approximately 4.70ct
Length 46cm / 18''

Central topaz approximately 14.0 x 10.0 x 4.7mm and of approximately 4.70ct
Weight: 37.5g

Date: c.1880

Period: 19th century

Medium: topaz and diamond

Dimension: 46 cm (18¹/₈ inches)

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