Drilliger Running Series
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Elaine Sturtevant

Drilliger Running Series

Ronny Van De Velde

Date 2000

Period 20th century

Origin USA, France

Medium Photogravure on Velin paper

Dimension 4.5 x 16 cm (1³/₄ x 6¹/₄ inches)

45 x 160 mm (image) 205 x 240 mm (sheet). 

Date: 2000

Period: 20th century

Origin: USA, France

Medium: Photogravure on Velin paper

Signature: Signed, dated and numbered

Dimension: 4.5 x 16 cm (1³/₄ x 6¹/₄ inches)

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Ronny Van De Velde

19th and 20th century painting and sculpture, graphic design, photography, vettings

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