What Is MasterArt

MasterArt is an electronic portal hosting art and antique galleries that are firmly established in the art trade. Visitors may search for artwork by keyword (artist or maker), category (e.g., illuminated manuscripts) or gallery, and request to be informed by email of new acquisitions based on their search criteria. Of course, you may also simply browse the galleries' collections including more than 15,000 of the world's finest artworks— a veritable feast for the eyes.

In addition to showcasing collections from the world's most renowned galleries, we post news about ongoing developments in the art market and upcoming events in the art world. New MasterArt gallery members are introduced on our homepage and recent additions to collections are posted regularly. Our portal also offers virtual tours of international art fairs, allowing collectors to save time by preparing their visit in advance.

Must I register to log onto MasterArt?

No, you may simply browse the site and admire the artwork. However, by registering as a member you will be informed of new acquisitions based on your search criteria (artist/ maker, category or gallery), giving you a distinctive edge on locating a rare piece.

Is there a fee?

No. Registration is free.

Who created MasterArt?

MasterArt was created by ArtSolution, an IT service provider specialized in providing dynamic and secure quality websites for art dealers, fairs and art institutions. Today we are the service provider for a number of major international fairs: TEFAF (Maastricht), BRAFA (Brussels), PAD (Paris), Masterpiece (London) and Art Miami (Miami), to name but a few. ArtSolution is also present internationally, serving galleries and collectors based in Belgium, England, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, and the United States

Why should I choose to visit MasterArt? What is my guarantee?

MasterArt enjoys a solid reputation in the art market thanks to its deep-seated commitment to excellence and integrity. Only galleries and dealers with long-established reputations are invited to exhibit their collections on MasterArt.

What guarantees the quality of the works exhibited on MasterArt?

The artworks displayed on MasterArt are those belonging to highly reputed galleries and dealers whose collections have been exhibited at international art and antique fairs.

Who establishes a gallery’s reputation?

Prestigious international art and antique fairs. A dealer's participation at an international fair serves as a guarantee that the works exhibited have been vetted by the most exacting of art specialists. Vetting committees rigorously check for quality, authenticity and condition. The collections showcased on MasterArt are those of galleries that regularly exhibit at fairs such as TEFAF Maastricht. Collectors may therefore rest assured that each of the galleries hosted on MasterArt enjoys a solid reputation in the art trade.

Does MasterArt act as an intermediary for galleries and dealers?

No. MasterArt is an electronic platform from which galleries and dealers may display their collections, but we are neither art specialists nor agents working for a commission. Our aim is to enable collectors and galleries to immediately connect and correspond with one another. At MasterArt we are firm believers in the old proverb, "Let the cobbler stick to his last".
Indeed, the gallery owners and art dealers hosted on MasterArt cherish the opportunity of sharing their expertise with collectors. They take pride in discussing a work in detail, relating the object's history while establishing its beauty and authenticity from the research they have conducted. Only an established gallery or dealer can provide potential buyers with the guarantee that their object of desire fully meets the standards of fine art.

Are the works exhibited still for sale?

Theoretically, yes. Galleries and dealers regularly inform us of sales and new acquisitions to their collections. We make a point of immediately updating gallery collections as soon as we have been informed. Of course, we suggest that you immediately contact the gallery for more information.

Why aren’t prices shown?

MasterArt is not an auctioneering site, nor is it an online catalogue featuring mass-produced art items. Therefore, typically, prices are not shown on our website. We therefore suggest that you correspond directly with the gallery to receive detailed information on the object's history, condition, authenticity … and price. Only they can provide you with reliable information on the value of an item that has caught your eye.

How can I get in touch with a gallery or dealer?

Open the "Galleries" tab at the top of the page and search by scrolling down the Galleries page or by using the "sort by initials" function. Each gallery entry includes its address, telephone and fax number, website address and a "contact the gallery" button to send an email message.

I sent an inquiry through MasterArt, but the gallery has not answered. What should I do?

Normally, all inquiries posted on MasterArt are sent directly to the gallery. However, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have not received an answer. We will be happy to inform the gallery.

How do I search for a specific item?

Open the "Search Artworks" tab at the top of the page, and you will see that there are several ways to dig into our treasure trove and locate a prized piece. You may search by Artist/ Maker (e.g. Permeke, Constant) or by Category (e.g., Paintings, Drawings & Prints) or by Gallery (e.g., Ronny Van De Velde).
You may also request to be informed by email of new additions matching your search criteria. Write in your email address and keyword search criteria in the "Free Email Alert Service" window and we will notify you as soon as the item is posted on MasterArt.

Is the email alert service free?

Yes. The service is free and time-saving as it will allow you to immediately contact the gallery for a viewing or for more information.