Description & Technical information

A silver mounted relief carved ivory tankard. The lid is sculpted with a hunting scene featuring hunters, deer, bucks, dogs, and topped with a deer. The scrolling handle is decorated with a woman whose waist is wrapped in a flowing fabric. The stein rests on a Rocaille silver base engraved with scrollwork, crosspieces, and an ivory garland of flowers. German craftsmanship. 
Dim: L: 18 cm, W:1 4.5 cm, H: 36 cm.
Price: 56000€
Restaurations at the deer antlers.

Period:  End of the 18th century
Origin:  German
Medium: Silver mounted
Dimensions: 7.1 x 5.7 x 14.2 cm (2³/₄ x 2¹/₄ x 5⁵/₈ inches)
Categories: Silver