Description & Technical information


Height: 30 in (76 cm)           Diameter: 36 ½ in (93 cm)

The octagonal shaped top decorated with various scenes of figures in villages with pagodas and boats on waterways within elaborate borders incorporating further pastoral scenes. All finely executed in two tone gold and in a remarkable state of preservation.
The moulded and carved frieze similarly decorated with birds, butterflies and foliage within a gilt border. The base of tripod form with a turned baluster column with carved and gilded collars and three legs fashioned as dragons with carved and gilded heads. 

This table is exceptional for a number of reasons. The intricately shaped octagonal top is unusual and the fineness of the lacquer work is particularly outstanding; the fact that the decoration has survived in such untouched state is remarkable.

Date:  Probably Canton, circa 1850
Period:  Early 19th century
Dimensions: 76 x 93 cm (29⁷/₈ x 36⁵/₈ inches)
Categories: Furniture