Description & Technical information

Clear glass cased in yellow, iridescent, open-work patinated metal mount decorated with floral motifs, excellent original condition.

Designed by: Karl Kellermann, 1900
Executed by: Lötz Witwe, Klostermühle, for E. Bakalowits Söhne
Décor: Phänomen Gre 202

Our illustration is documentation from the 8th Secession exhibition in Vienna in 1900. There the vase was described as follows: "A mounted piece of Tiffany glass by Karl Kellermann, executed by E. Bakalowits und Söhne Wien." There probably was a mistake in the description, though. At the time—including at the 1900 World Exposition in Paris—Lötz exhibited vases which were described as being "à la Tiffany".
The fact that these glasses were exhibited and documented together with the most modern designs by Josef Hoffmann proves their great importance.

Date:  1900
Period:  1850-1900, 19th century
Origin:  Vienna
Medium: clear glass cased in yellow
Dimensions: 20 cm (7⁷/₈ inches)
Literature: ref.: Die Kunst, 1901, vol. 4, p. 230; Innen-Dekoration, vol. XII, 1901, p. 32; H. Ricke (ed.), Lötz, Böhmisches Glas 1880–1940, vol. 1, Munich, 1989, p. 106
Categories: Decorative Arts & Design