Snuff bottle Yixing ware
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Snuff bottle Yixing ware

Galerie Bertrand de Lavergne

Date 19th century

Period 1750-1850, 1850-1900, 19th century

Origin China

Medium porcelain

Snuff bottle Yixing ware decorated in blue enamel and panels in polychrome with Chinese dogs -Bob Stevens l a daté de la periode revolutionnaire avant 1970 - likely XIX century.

Date: 19th century

Period: 1750-1850, 1850-1900, 19th century

Origin: China

Medium: porcelain

Provenance: Bob Stevens Collection
Sotheby s New York  June 25 1982
 Private Monaco Collection

Literature: Book of collector chinese snuff bottle  - Bob Stevens N°325 -

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