Lötz Witwe


Bel Etage, Wolfgang Bauer, Vienna

Date around 1900

Medium Transparent glass

Dimension 25 cm (9⁷/₈ inches)

Executed by: Lötz Witwe, Klostermühle, around 1900

Décor: Phänomen Gre 299, Tricolor

Transparent glass, Candia ground, scattered blue, green and pink oil spots, excellent condition.

Date: around 1900

Medium: Transparent glass

Signature: Signed: Loetz Austria

Dimension: 25 cm (9⁷/₈ inches)

Provenance: Private property, Switzerland

Literature: Comp.: H. Ricke (ed.), Lötz, Böhmisches Glas
1880–1940, col. 1, Munich, 1989, p. 104, fig. 68 (décor)

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Bel Etage, Wolfgang Bauer, Vienna

Viennese Jugendstil, Secessionist Movement

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