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Adolf Loos


Bel Etage, Wolfgang Bauer, Vienna

Date from 1912

Origin Austrian

Dimension 75 x 57 x 51 cm (29¹/₂ x 22¹/₂ x 20¹/₈ inches)

Designed by: Adolf
Loos, variant of the Stössler/Manz chair from 1912

Executed by: F. O.
Schmidt, model no. 6995

Mahogany solid and veneer, stained to darker
mahogany, surface professionally repolished, brass cuffs, renewed leather
upholstery, very good condition

H 75
cm, SH 46 cm, B/W 57 cm, T/D 51 cm

H 75
cm, SH 45.5 cm, B/W 57 cm, T/D 52 cm

These chairs are both a variant of the
"Stössler chair" from 1899 and most probably a predecessor type of
the Manz chair. The type of these chairs goes back to English models.
Loos repeatedly used variations of these designs for other interiors.

Provenance: private property,

Newly added cat. no. 32.1. & 32.2.

Date: from 1912

Origin: Austrian

Dimension: 75 x 57 x 51 cm (29¹/₂ x 22¹/₂ x 20¹/₈ inches)

Literature: Das
Interieur, 1900, vol. 1, p. 95; E. B. Ottillinger, A. Loos, 1994, p. 132,
illus. pp. 40, 134; Kunkal, F. O. Schmidt company archives, Nr. 6865; T.
Hoffmann (ed.), Von Arts and Crafts zum Bauhaus, exhibition catalogue, Bröhan-
Museum Berlin, Berlin, 2018, p.119

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Bel Etage, Wolfgang Bauer, Vienna

Viennese Jugendstil, Secessionist Movement

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