Important Glass Bowl

David Aaron

Epoque 4th- 5th Century A.D

Origine Europe

Epoque: 4th- 5th Century A.D

Origine: Europe

Provenance: Discovered in 1849 in a Gallo-Roman sarcophagus by Mr. Minguet in the grounds of Château de Montataire, France(accompanied by an old collection label from 1849).
Subsequently kept at Château de Mello, France (accompanied by a handwritten note in the family’s inventory of 1866).
Likely, François Alexandre, 3rd Baron Seillière (1782-1850), who bought the Château de Mello in 1819.
His son, Florentin-Achille, 4th Baron (1813-1873).
His sons, Raymond (1845-1912) and François-Alexandre, 5th Baron Seillière (1849-1932).
Thence by descent.
ALR: S00214480
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David Aaron

Specializing in Classical, Egyptian, Near Eastern, Islamic and Indian Works of art.

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