Candy box with micromosaic
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Candy box with micromosaic

Galerie Ouaiss Antiquités

Period Late 18th century

Medium micro-mosaïque

Candy box in blond tortoiseshell and gold rimming. The independent lid is decorated with a micromosaic representing a fox chasing a parrot on a branch. The theme of the predation of the fox is frequently represented in the art of the micromosaic, inspired by the work of the painter Johan Wenzel (Wenceslaus) Peter (Karlsbad 1745 - Rome1829), active in Rome at the end of the 18th century. His paintings were reproduced in engraving and influenced many mosaicists such as those working in the Vatican workshops like Cesare Aguatti and Giacomo Raffaelli.
Gold Mark:
Period: late 18th century.
Price: 34000€
REF: 6090

Period: Late 18th century

Medium: micro-mosaïque

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Antique snuff and gold boxes decorated with precious stones, enamel, and micromosaics.

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