Small library table
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Josef Hoffman

Small library table

Bel Etage, Wolfgang Bauer, Vienna

Date 1930

Period 20th century

Dimension 79 x 95 x 45 cm (31¹/₈ x 37³/₈ x 17³/₄ inches)

Designed by: Josef Hoffmann, Vienna, around 1930

Rosewood veneer, surface professionally repolished, carved wood appliqué, metal gilding, very good condition.

Hoffmann expanded his range of styles by repeatedly referring to historical models dating as far back as to the Renaissance, without relinquishing his distinctive artistic individuality. Based on original design drawings available to us, Hoffmann's authorship can conclusively be established.

Date: 1930

Period: 20th century

Dimension: 79 x 95 x 45 cm (31¹/₈ x 37³/₈ x 17³/₄ inches)


private collection, Austria


Design drawings by Josef Hoffmann, Kamm collection, Zug, Switzerland

Exhibition: MAK Vienna, Josef Hoffmann 1870-1956. Progress Through Beauty, December 2021 until June 2022

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Bel Etage, Wolfgang Bauer, Vienna

Viennese Jugendstil, Secessionist Movement

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