The golden age (girl with hourglass)
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Richard Luksch

The golden age (girl with hourglass)

Bel Etage, Wolfgang Bauer, Vienna

Date 1904

Period Early 20th century

Dimension 33.4 cm (13¹/₈ inches)

Designed by: Richard Luksch, 1904

Executed by: Hugo F. Kirsch for Wiener Werkstätte

Signed: WIENER/WERK/STÄTTE (3 lines), W…Kirsch (on base), LUKSCH (on the side)

Hard earthenware, white glaze, gilt with losses, excellent original condition

H 33.4 cm 

This piece was first presented at the Wiener Werkstätte exhibition "Der gedeckte Tisch" (laid table) in October 1906 as part of an elegant table setting. Furthermore, the figure was shown at the 1908 Kunstschau in the flower stand of the breakfast room (room 49) as well as above the showcase by Otto Prutscher from the room of an art lover.

Date: 1904

Period: Early 20th century

Dimension: 33.4 cm (13¹/₈ inches)


privat collection, UK


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Bel Etage, Wolfgang Bauer, Vienna

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