An Art Deco diamond bracelet
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An Art Deco diamond bracelet

Epoque Fine Jewels

Date 1936

Period 20th century

Origin France, Paris

Medium Diamonds, Platinum

An Art Deco diamond bracelet, composed of four rectangular early modern brilliant cut links and four rectangular step cut diamond links, with diamond connectors, mounted in platinum.
Henri Lavabre was one of the major workshop in Paris, working exclusively for Cartier from 1906 till 1921. The archive number on the bracelet is a reference number of the Cartier archive. The archives mention that the bracelet was made by Henri Lavabre and entered the Cartier collection in 1936. It was returned to Henri Lavabre the end of the same year .

Date: 1936

Period: 20th century

Origin: France, Paris

Medium: Diamonds, Platinum

Signature: Maker`s mark of Henri Lavabre and numbered

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