Polychrome enamel plate. Virgin of pain. Limoges.
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Polychrome enamel plate. Virgin of pain. Limoges.

Galerie Ouaiss Antiquités

Dimension 11 x 8 cm (4³/₈ x 3¹/₈ inches)

An irregular copper enamel plate with gold highlights. The counter-enamel is salmon-coloured. The plaque is presented in a gilded wooden frame. The plaque represents the Virgin of Sorrows who is depicted in bust form. She is dressed in a mauve robe and a blue veil. She is haloed and swords are emanating from her representing the seven pains.
The "seven sorrows" refer to the events, recounted in the Gospels, which caused the mother of Jesus to suffer as she accompanied her son in his mission as Redeemer. Our Lady of Sorrows is liturgically commemorated in September. The iconography is close to the art of Jean II Pénicaud, an enamel painter from Limoges in the 16th century. Small restoration to the gilded wooden frame.
Limousin work probably from the 17th century.
Enamel plate H: 4.33in. (11 cm), W: 3.14in. (8 cm).
Frame: H: 12.20in. (31 cm), W: 6.69in. (17 cm).
Price: 2950€.

Dimension: 11 x 8 cm (4³/₈ x 3¹/₈ inches)

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