Enameled Gold Chatelaine with Watch by C-T Guenoux
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Enameled Gold Chatelaine with Watch by C-T Guenoux

Galerie Ouaiss Antiquités

Period 18th century

Medium Enameled Gold

Dimension 53.34 x 10.16 cm (21 x 4 inches)

Chatelaine in enameled gold with a watch. The gold chatelaine is embellished with royal blue enamel and accented with alternating stars and dots. Five small chains connect the upper, rectangular section bordered with white enamel dots to a central, oval section with two rows of the same white enamel motif. Six chains descend from the oval piece and connect to a gold and enamel watch key, a watch, and a pompom-shaped charm. The circular watch is housed in a gold case with translucent, blue enamel that leaves the intricate geometric pattern on the gold underneath visible. A central, stylized flower accents the center of the watch casing, and the white enamel dots from the chatelaine are repeated in concentric circles on the case. The watch face is in pearlized, white enamel. The watch is signed: Guenoux à Paris. Charles Théodor Guenoux was a clockmaker who worked in Paris during the late 1700’s. Some restoration to the watch enamel.
Weight: 2.5 oz (70 g)
Gold Marks:
Release mark: Monkey head 1775-1781.
Guarantee mark: Crowned P.
Clockwork signed: Guenoux à Paris.
Work from the Louis XVI period.

Period: 18th century

Medium: Enameled Gold

Dimension: 53.34 x 10.16 cm (21 x 4 inches)

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