Landscape with Hunters Near a Terrace with Dead Game
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Landscape with Hunters Near a Terrace with Dead Game

Stephen Ongpin Fine Art

This is a particularly fine example of the type of highly finished watercolour or gouache landscapes by Isaac de Moucheron that were highly praised by his contemporaries. As the 18th century biographer Johan van Gool noted of Moucheron, his ‘absolutely exquisite (‘overheerlyke’) drawings and watercolours are as esteemed and sought after as his paintings and pursued enthusiastically by connoisseurs.' A comparable subject is found in a watercolour by Moucheron of The Edge of a Forest with Riders and Dead Game, formerly in the Goll von Franckenstein and Klaver collections and sold at auction in Amsterdam in 1994. As Wedde has pointed out, the dead hare at the lower right of the present composition is repeated in the centre foreground of the ex-Klaver watercolour.

The first owner of this drawing was Jean Lucas van der Dussen (1724-1773), who bought the Kasteel Groeneveld in Baarn, near Hilversum in the province of Utrecht, in 1755, later renovating and expanding the property significantly. The posthumous sale of his art collection at auction in 1774 included over 750 drawings, together with 37 paintings and more than 5,600 prints.

Provenance: Jan Lucas van der Dussen, Amsterdam and Kasteel Groeneveld, Baarn
His posthumous sale, Amsterdam, Pierre Yver, 31 October 1774 onwards, lot 152 (‘Paysage, orné d’un Retour de Chasse; on voit, à droite, sur le devant, du Gibier Mort &, dans le Lointain des Montagnes. Ce Morceau est à gouache, très terminé & imite bien la Nature.’, bt. Oets for 116 fl.)
Bernard Houthakker Gallery, Amsterdam, in 1972
P. & D. Colnaghi, London, in 1974
Susan Lasker Brody, New York and East Hampton.

Literature: Nina Wedde, Isaac de Moucheron (1667-1744): His Life and Works with a Catalogue Raisonné of his Drawings, Watercolours, Paintings and Etchings, Frankfurt, 1996, Vol.I, pp.352-353, no.W41, Vol.II., p.140, pl.121.

Exhibition: Amsterdam, Bernard Houthakker, Master Drawings presented by Bernard Houthakker, 1972, no.30 (priced at 18,000 guilders); London, Colnaghi, Old Master Drawings, 1974, no.17.

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