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Hans Ofner


Bel Etage, Wolfgang Bauer, Vienna

Date 1905

Period 20th century

Origin Vienna

Medium Brass, Chased and hammered

Dimension 210 x 41 cm (82⁵/₈ x 16¹/₈ inches)

Designed by: Architect Hans Ofner attr.

Brass, chased and hammered, polished and stove enamelled, six-bulbs, glass beads replaced, the height of the chandelier is easily adjustable to fit different rooms, excellent Viennese craftsmanship

Hans Ofner designed numerous lamps and chandeliers. Some of them are well documented. He often had the surface hammered in a special way. In contrast to Hoffman's work and those from the WW which very often made use of round punches of different diameters, Ofner employed small round punches alternating with small, elongated ones (see also table lamp in the Autumn Salon catalogue 2012, no. 27). This gives an inimitable surface articulation to the "dome", the ceiling bobesche and the counterweight. The handle inside the dome is also typical for Ofner (compare with the stool from the breakfast room).

H appr. 210 cm up to 300 cm (it is possible to extend it even further)
Ø 41 cm (top panel), Ø 49 m (cupola)

Date: 1905

Period: 20th century

Origin: Vienna

Medium: Brass, Chased and hammered

Dimension: 210 x 41 cm (82⁵/₈ x 16¹/₈ inches)

Literature: The Studio "Year-book of Decorative Art 1908", ill. A 13; Die Kunst, vol. XVI, p. 273

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Bel Etage, Wolfgang Bauer, Vienna

Viennese Jugendstil, Secessionist Movement

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