Indo-Portuguese Sadeli Cabinet
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Indo-Portuguese Sadeli Cabinet

Amir Mohtashemi Ltd.

Date Late 16th century

Period 1400-1600, 16th Century

Origin India, Gujarat

Medium Ebony, Ivory, Tropical hardwoods

Dimension 71.3 x 35 x 35 cm (28¹/₈ x 13³/₄ x 13³/₄ inches)

Ebony veneered with sadeli marquetry in tropical hardwoods and ivory, the front with an arrangement of drawers with shield shaped escutcheons and carrying handles to the sides. A games board with similar marquetry is in the V&A Museum, London, Accession Number 1961-1899, as illustrated in Amin Jaffer, Luxury Goods from India, London, 2002, no. 4.

This item contains less than 10% ivory and has been registered with Defra.

Date: Late 16th century

Period: 1400-1600, 16th Century

Origin: India, Gujarat

Medium: Ebony, Ivory, Tropical hardwoods

Dimension: 71.3 x 35 x 35 cm (28¹/₈ x 13³/₄ x 13³/₄ inches)

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